Why do we use sand in our sealer?

Using sand will extend the life of your parking lot; it reduces liability, and increases your safety by providing a skid free surface. Sand also gives you better wear, durability and protection during extensive erosions. It also adds luster and flattens the appearance of the coating. Sand will also fill coarser areas for a better sealcoating. We use approximately 5 to 6 lbs of Black Beauty Sand per gallon in our mixes, depending on the asphalt being sealed for a much deeper, blacker finish.

How do additives help?

Additives are Polymers that give the sealer and sand even, equal spreads throughout the application. Additives also give you better dry time and a blacker finished product. We use additives that are TARMAX and Gem Ultra. We use from 3% to 6% depending on how much sand is used for that particular job.

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